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Running around with my head chopped off getting things done before I leave! Totally stoked - Myboy and I leave for Chicago tomorrow...stopping for an overnight play date along the way!

AND nine days off in a row!!



New "diet" Pt 2

In my haste to get something written and posted in the time I could squeeze I neglected to mention the fact that yesterday was my first day of fasting. Guess I didn't want to get all wrapped up in expounding, losing time.

I ate some peanut butter and jelly before I went to bed Friday night, more out of habit than anything else. Went to bed and woke up with my mind set on continuing the fast through out the day. My only question - would having an energy shot at 2.5 calories reset the clock?

**I've taken to keeping an energy shot next to my alarm clock so that when I wake up the first time, I shoot half and it doesn't allow my body to go back to sleep. I can rest for a few moments, enjoying the comfort of my bed and that suspended state for a few minutes and not have to worry about falling back asleep and being late for work. It sort of kick starts my day. The best part - I don't feel all jittery or strung out! I just feel like the switch is "on" and I'm good to go!**

Day shift starts at 7am. Around 8 I was a bit irritable and wanting to eat, but I've been told that's the worst part. I got through it. Never really noticed that I was hungry or ill-affected by the fast. Maybe because I was so determined to do it...and because we leave for IML (International Mister Leather) on Wednesday and I'd love to be in the best shape I can!

I didn't miss a beat when I got home. Last fall we raked all of our leaves (and some of the neighbor's) onto our back porch. I took two wheelbarrows full of the stuff (imagine two feet of stacked newspapers soaking in the rain and the snow of our past winter and that's what working with it is like! It's a bitch to scoop up and it smells like a pig pen and a hint of excrement!) and mulched many of the flowers I planted the two days before. THEN I went for my run. Showered, posted, pumped, emailed - all in the two hours I had before needing to get to bed!

Tonight is my free night. I've alternated cardio and lifting for six day and on the seventh I rest. Met up with Myboy for dinner at Cheddar's after work (their chicken fried chicken is back on the menu - deadly delicious and HUGE dinner portions!!!) and brought the leftovers home which Larry finished off. Had thought about cleaning the bathroom today but after Line 1's packout kicked my ass to start the day, I figure a little extended writing while pumping in preparation of IML is just what I needed!

New "diet"

One of my coworkers has been carrying on the last week or so about the benefits of fasting. The condensed version - fasting for 24 hours once or twice a week can really burn some fat and actually has health benefits associated with it.

Had this notion of fasting come out of the blue, I would have just looked at him like so many of the other tangents he goes on - letting it all go in one ear and out the other. However, in the last couple weeks Larry has been telling me about what he's been hearing about fasting. And big wigs like Jack Canfield from Chicken Soup for the Soul have advocated it, so I figured I'd give it a try.

It'd be nice to finally shed the rest of this belly!!


The up continues

I guess maybe I'm bipolar. Last week I couldn't get myself out of bed or off the couch. It's like it wasn't physically possible. I would contemplate getting up, but my body wouldn't cooperate.

There was nothing to do at work today so I took some PTO and came home early. Like last night, I hit the ground running, planting as many flowers (including one flat of petunias!!!) as I could and then mulching with leaves saved up on the back porch. (Damn that stuff stinks when it starts to rot!)

The best part is getting so much done so that I don't feel guilty when I leave for IML next Wednesday.

Now I'm trying to get as much done before I go to bed as I possibly can.

It's not much of an entry - but at least I'm writing!

In honor of Ethiopia

I came home yesterday to find an Amazon package in the mail. While I knew that I didn't have any outstanding orders, I always secretly hope that it will be a little surprise for me whenever Larry has bought a book.

Yesterday it just so happened to be that surprise.

It made a rattling sound when I shook it. Definitely not a book. Had I purchased something that had been back-ordered for so long that I forgot about it?

I opened the cardboard wrapping to find a 24 piece set of 80s Glam Ultra Fine Sharpies! Included was a note, "Don't give up. Ethiopia!"

My smile stretched from ear to ear as I rubbed my hands together!

Last weekend, I posted a cryptic message on Facebook - I give up.

The post was the result of five days of frustration - coming off my block of five work nights which left my body wrecked and in bed resting, recovering when I was hoping to be working overtime to help keep my head above water, recharging when I hoped to get the lawn mowed and flowers planted, and have some sort of life I am unable to have when I'm working 7pm-7:30am back to back to back to back to back...60 hours in five days.

Thankfully, when I did return to my day shift cycle this week, I bounced right back into the swing of things even though I only got three hours of sleep. And things have been coasting along smoothly since.

I don't have a lot of time as it's way later than I wanted it to be and I start my block of five days in the morning. But knowing there is one person out there rooting for and reading me...I thought maybe if I got the ball rolling, it might pick up speed.


Teasers of the boy

I was going through my phone and found some pix my boy sent to me awhile back, wearing the red flannel robe that drives me fucking nuts when I see him in it, opened like this!!!
Pix of the boy - fur exposedCollapse )


Nudie Pix - NSFW

Back in November, ChuckerBear - one of the trumpet players in band - hit me up to do a photo shoot. He and his partner are aspiring photographers who are building their portfolios. It had been almost a year since I had any new pix of myself so I agreed. Here's a few of the ones I liked best.
Naked pix of myself. Ethiopia - you might not want to click hereCollapse )




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