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Getting closer

In my spiritual education, I have learned that I must be appreciative of the opportunities that come along and are near misses of my desires.

1) They show me that I'm honing in on the Truth of my desires. They are representations of the abundance and prosperity in my life.
2) Don't despair that it's not what I want or that an opportunity has passed me by. Instead, celebrate the clarity I gain from it so I can further refine my vision.
3) I've noticed that every time a thing has presented itself to me, it's even better than the time before. Doors close so that even better ones can be opened and traversed! That's pretty fucking exciting to waiting in that delicious anticipation! Knowing I am eradicating all of the feelings and energies around what I *don't* want and am instead filling my knowing with even more detail of what I DO want!
4) I know that it has shown up in my life in a number of instances. Each have prepared me for when the day it all comes together. AND it's always reappeared so I know - as fucking amazing as some of it has felt, when IT does finally happen...I can't fathom how good it will be!


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Jan. 23rd, 2015 08:17 pm (UTC)
As I read this, the first thought that came to my mind is that it was like shopping for a house. And let me say immediately that I am not making light of what you have written. I just remember that the first few houses that I looked at were more for the purpose of really defining what I was looking for. I had a lot of ideas, yet when the rubber hit the road what came more and more into focus was which things were priorities and which things were negotiable and which things didn't matter at all.

And in life it is no different. Though sometimes there is interference fro the American idea that one can or should have it all...so one strives for all, instead of knowing the peace of be ing content with what one has here and now and moving forward from that place to where one is moved to go.

And as I read this it also comes to mind just how blessed I am to call you my friend. Again, I am not meaning to sound cliche. But what you have written has moved me to take a look at my life, especially recent events, and I can only be grateful that you have brought more Joy to it.

Now I am rambling.
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