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Work update

Married Man and I were talking the other day and he pushed that I should apply for the supervisor position that opened up two weeks ago when they unexpectedly let my supervisor go.

First off, my understanding is that they don't hire into supervisor positions without being a lead first.

And as I told MM - we both know that my passion isn't in my current work.

I have no interest in climbing the corporate ladder. Hell, I don't want to be in the corporate world, but it's where I am in this phase of my life. So while I'm there I prefer to be able to clock in, clock out, and leave work behind me. I don't want to be stressed out and buckle under the weight of a million responsibilities.

One round of applications and interviews recently concluded for a lead position (he transferred to a different department) and a supervisor (who up and moved to Texas without telling anyone or being heard from by anyone since.) Gabe, my current lead, was promoted to supervisor and is filling in the vacancy caused by my former sups dismissal. Thus another lead position has opened and I'm waiting for it to be posted.

I tell everyone at work that I didn't apply in the previous round because I didn't know it had opened. Actually, I was avoiding it. The reasons are multitudinous. I didn't think I was good enough. It's one thing to be responsible for my own work and another to be responsible for the work of others. I didn't want the extra burden. Etc.

Now that I have reflected on the matter, I now feel that it is a good fit. The fit feels even better knowing that I would be on Gabe's team. Perhaps that was my initial hesitation - now knowing which supervisor I would be working for. However, it all feels too right.

1) Gabe and I share very similar work ethics. We're detail-oriented. We care about the quality of work we do. And we're both perfectly willing to trim the fat - letting go of the people who just don't give a shit.

Granted, I could give two shits about dry powder media. I didn't grow up with the dream that one day I would be a production technician in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. But I do take pride in the work I do and a belief that a job worth doing is worth doing well. However I may feel about the wages I make, I knew going in what my job responsibilities would be and it's my duty to fulfill them to the best of my ability. It gets really tiring, old, and frustrating to bust my hump AND pick up the slack of...well, pretty much everyone else.

I want a team of people who give a damn - who respect themselves enough to respect their work.

2) I work really well with Gabe. His formulation lead will be Adis who has been on my team these last couple of years and was promoted to lead in this last round of interviews. We would make a great team and feed off each other. Plus, they both are looking to advance in the company so I know they'll give a damn about their quality which complements my desire to just give a damn.

Seems that I'm pretty much a shoe in for the lead spot based on my conversation with Gabe. He said that I'm a rarity in that I'm one of few people in the company who no one has anything bad to say about. Also that none of the other candidates are being further considered by management. He said that my only competition would be his brother. (If his brother were to get the lead position then they would change teams up so they weren't working together.) But that between the two of us, he hopes I get the position over his brother - which speaks volumes for the quality of work I produce.

Yeah - I bust my ass (when my body is willing.) There's even a term that has developed at work. Brian Heinen Clean - where I go through and detail clean where others have already cleaned.

It helps that I do the right thing at the right time and am seen doing it by the right person. And it's been relayed to me that the plant manager thinks highly of me - putting me on the list of "Good People" in a conversation with Gabe.

The new schedule goes into effect the start of August. I'm poised to win whatever happens. It'll be a fixed schedule and I'll be working one of the day teams. It means that I will lose my 10% shift differential, but I will be working a more normal schedule which will afford me a social life. If I get the lead position, I'll be working nights but at least it will be a fixed schedule. I'll get the shift differential in addition to a raise. Plus, as I've reflected in my journal on the possibility of being a lead I've seen the potential for personal growth it presents...not to mention my growth in my role in the company...to be able to do more than just run the line.

My job may not be my passion but at least where I stand now things are looking up!


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Jul. 26th, 2014 03:43 pm (UTC)
Your work ethic encourages me to go higher. Talk about your star shinning brightly. You have a gift at doing whatever you do well.
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